The Commons Project: the digital health passport | By Norbert Häring

The Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum are getting serious about a private world passport authority.

By Norbert Häring.

The World Economic Forum has joined forces with a “non-profit” organization newly founded by the Rockefeller Foundation. They want to use Corona to form a private global health passport authority. In doing so, they are resolutely pushing ahead with their techno-authoritarian plans Known-Traveller, ID-2020 and Lock-Step.

History is being made, things are moving forward. Very quickly. In April I wrote: “We are not far from the point where the US digital technology companies will become the virtual passport authority of the world, determining who is allowed to move within which radius.” The occasion was that in the course of the introduction of Covid contact tracing apps Apple and Google announced that in future all physical contacts of every carrier of an Android or Apple smartphone should be recordable and evaluable from the USA.

The Rockefeller Foundation has already provided the initial funding of $300,000 for The Commons Project in 2019 (apparently alone) for the „support of designing and structuring a new organizational model for developing, financing, and operating digital, public infrastructure projects.“ The first project that stayed unnoticed was the CommonHealth.

Preparation 2019

In the self description of CommonHealth it states:

„CommonHealth helps people collect and manage their personal health data and share it with the health services, organizations and apps they trust. CommonHealth extends the health data portability and interoperability model pioneered by Apple Health to the 55% of Americans with Android™ devices (85% globally), enabling broader and more equitable participation in research, innovative care models and next-generation health services. Building on new data interoperability standards and regulations, CommonHealth is an open-source, non-profit public service of The Commons Project. CommonHealth is being developed and deployed in collaboration with a broad coalition of public and private partners across the health and technology ecosystem.“

Common Health operated in the background. There was not much to hear about. One can assume that intensive consultations were held with Apple and Google in order to somehow reach the point where the stored health data could be transferred and read out without any problems between the two operating systems, iOS and Android. Successes of the initiative were not reported publicly.

But one can guess the success considering that in spring 2020 Apple and Google agreed quite fast to program the Bluetooth contact tracing function into the two operating systems in a mutually compatible way within a short period of time.

All the way through by 2020

In 2020, The Commons Project received an additional $500,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation for „support of the development of tools for managing health and other personal data under a nonprofit, people-first business model“.

In July, the small Rockefeller branch operating in the background became a globally operating organization networked on the top floors. A Board of Trustees was appointed, with 62 high-ranking representatives of companies and organizations from 24 countries and all parts of the world. The Rockefeller Foundation with its president, Blackrock, JP Morgan, various UN organizations and many companies and associations of the health industry are of course represented.

The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is close to the World Economic Forum and various UN and other international organizations, including aviation. There should therefore be no lack of money and networking with the people and bodies of global governance in the future. This is also necessary because the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum intend to implement their various dystopian projects to perfect the control of the world population through The Commons Project.

The CommonPass

On October 7, Commons Project and World Economic Forum announced the start of a field test of the newly developed app CommonPass. This is an app that will allow anyone who either has antibodies against corona or is vaccinated to travel internationally again. After all, governments are not able to do this. The corporations and their foundations have to help. Air travelers should be able to show their health and vaccination status on their smartphone when boarding or entering the country.

The pilot project will begin in October with volunteers on the routes between London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore on flights operated by Cathay Pacific and United Airlines. After that, the project is to be expanded in rapid succession to include flight connections across the globe and all continents. The United States Customs and Border Protection and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States will be involved in the project. (The Chief Medical Officer of the Commons Project was previously Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of CDC).

These two U.S. government organizations will monitor and evaluate the pilot project. In addition, representatives of the governments of 37 countries are reportedly cooperating with the project.

But CommonPass is much more than an app. In order for it to work globally, the corporations and foundations want to establish worldwide standards for tests and laboratories via the Commons Project and impose them on governments, or more politely put:

„by giving both travellers and governments confidence in each traveller’s verified COVID-19 status.“

The trust of the U.S. government will be granted by definition. It is, after all, part of it. That of the others? Well, yes. But they won’t be able to avoid participating. So far, everything that the Americans have thought up for their borders has become the standard.

Connection to Known Traveller Digital Identity

There is no mention in the press releases of “other personal data” which, according to the Rockefeller Foundation’s grant decision, the app to be developed should also be able to manage. But it is immediately obvious that nothing stands in the way of this – especially since the app’s flexibility is emphasized, as it will be able to integrate any integration of government requirements. (In practice, of course, only requirements of important countries such as the USA and perhaps the EU are integrated. The others will then have to comply).

Thus the app would already fulfill everything that the World Economic Forum and US Homeland Security have defined in their Known Traveller Digital Identity Project, which has also already been tested. You can read about it in my article linked below.

The basic idea of Known Traveller is simple. People talk about data sovereignty and privacy. This is achieved by giving people control over the data that you help them gather in one place. They would then have the choice to share this so conveniently gathered data to who ever they want. The fact that this choice does not really exist during travel and in an increasing number of other situations is just bad luck. Not the fault of the inventors. They would never have thought that this could happen.

Connection to the Lock-Step scenario

Lock Step is a post-pandemic scenario designed by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010 as a medium through which major changes can not only be envisaged but also realized.

The changes described there are moving towards a world with the following characteristics, among others:

  • Other nations are emulating China’s authoritarian, highly supervisory approach.

  • The more authoritarian form of rule is continuing after the pandemic.

  • Shocked populations welcome more surveillance and more authoritarian rule.

  • Biometric identity capture is gaining momentum.

  • Philanthropic foundations become part of US foreign and security policy.

“Your papers please”, the call for a pass that was heard on every corner in repressive authoritarian regimes, is becoming “Your smartphone please”. The information that one then has to disclose in order to move around in physical and digital space is considerably greater than in the days of “Your papers please”.

Peter Schwartz, a futurologist who is well connected in the US security scene and who designed the co-step scenario with and for the Rockefeller Foundation, is currently openly promoting the (benevolent) total surveillance in interviews. Citizens would gladly accept this for more convenience.

Connection to ID2020

ID2020 is an initiative funded primarily by the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Accenture, which is stated to provide the entire world population with a standardized digital biometric identity. This, in turn, is clearly intended to enable their movements and actions to be tracked and controlled automatically. More about this in the linked article: ID2020, Known Traveller and contact tracing by Google and Apple: US corporations become world passport authorities.

Accenture is a consulting firm specializing primarily in cloud solutions, which also played an important role in the Known Traveller program. Together with Microsoft, Accenture has already developed the prototype of a digital ID solution. It is intended to serve as a supplement or even a replacement for national ID documents.

In developing countries, vaccination programs in which vaccinated persons and their families are digitally recorded are the main lever for ID2020. This is why the Gavi Vaccination Alliance is also involved.

Similarly, CommonPass will initially be populated and introduced with vaccination and immunity data under the pretext of corona. Its relationship or connection to the Accenture-Microsoft solution is unclear. But since CommonPass is an initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum, and Accenture and, of course, Microsoft are cooperating closely with both, anything but a close relationship would be very surprising. Microsoft is one of the most important members of the World Economic Forum, probably the most influential in connection with Bill Gates and his foundation.


With CommonPass, the World Economic Forum and Rockefeller appear to be bringing together and driving forward a whole bundle of ongoing initiatives with which they – and the U.S. government – want to further expand automated control over the world population.




This post first appeared on 14 October 2020 on the blog Geld und Mehr


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Image source: Fotinia / shutterstock


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