The 3rd war against Iraq begins

When soldiers stay in a country without permission, they become an army of occupation.

By Jochen Mitschka.

At the moment we see the possible beginning of a third war of the USA against Iraq. On March 12, the USA bombed a position of the Iraqi arm of Hezbollah in Jurf al-Sakher, 60 km southwest of Baghdad. The civilian airport, the Iraqi army and emergency response units were hit and several Iraqis were killed. The US claims that the US al-Taji base was attacked with missiles from there, killing two US soldiers and wounding one British soldier and injuring 12 others. In response, the Hezbollah military commander declared that the rules of engagement would now change and that more serious weapons would now be used against the US in Iraq.

This may well be the beginning of the third US war against Iraq, because US soldiers have long since become an illegal occupying force again, having been called upon by parliament and government to leave the country, but failed to comply.

Iraqi security forces have been fighting for many years against the invasion of the IS made possible by the USA, and have suffered a large number of victims in this fight, which the USA has essentially supported by bombing. However, this help was only offered when it became clear that Iran had managed to strengthen Iraqi resistance to the IS in such a way that the capital Baghdad, which the IS was already facing, would not fall.

Most Western analysts and our media call the “Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces”, i.e. the ” Popular Mobilization Forces”, which had been welded together, trained and armed by Iran and Hezbollah, and which paid the biggest blood toll for the victory against the IS, a “pro-Iranian” militia. This is intended to create the impression that the USA is not bombing Iraq but actually Iran. Although, of course, it is Iraqis who are being killed, and this on Iraqi territory, where the US is now in breach of international law.

Thanks to aid from Iran, Iraq is not as helpless as Yemen. And this war will show an even more obvious defeat for the USA, as can now be seen in Afghanistan. But this war will also bomb a country that has not yet recovered from the last war of aggression by the USA even further back into the Middle Ages.

While the German government condemned the missile attack on the illegal US base and condoned the US and UK for the dead soldiers, it remains to be seen whether it will express the same to the Iraqi government.


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