The 2020 storm will be followed by the 2021 hurricane | By Ernst Wolff

By Ernst Wolff.

If you believe politics and the mainstream media, the world will return to normal in 2021. The ordered mass vaccinations will help to contain the pandemic, we will all be allowed to work and move freely as before, and the economy will recover after the recession of the century. However, this optimistic scenario is not only unlikely, but unfortunately impossible. The year 2020 marks a decisive turning point in the history of mankind. It has been brought about by the digital-financial complex, headed by the world’s largest IT corporations, the asset manager BlackRock and the central banks.

This triumvirate, which has dominated large parts of the world since the turn of the millennium, expanded its power in 2020 in a previously unimaginable way and will certainly continue to work on seizing complete control over humanity in 2021. The tool the digital-financial complex relies on to do this is scaremongering. Last year, it used a disease as an opportunity to put all of humanity in a state of emergency and to ruthlessly push its own agenda. This is: total control through digitalization and partial privatization of money.

2020 has finally shown that politics, the most influential media and the central banks are nothing more than compliant instruments of domination of the digital-financial complex, whose global power far surpasses anything mankind has ever experienced. Its rise began in the 1990s. The unstoppable progress of digital technology helped its most important representatives Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook to a breathtaking triumphal march. At the same time, the progressive deregulation of the financial sector made BlackRock a leading global giant in the field of asset management.

An important historical milestone was the world financial crisis of 2007/2008, since when the global financial system has been kept alive only by central banks. The two largest of them, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, not only created trillions of dollars out of thin air, but also channeled a large part of it into the pockets of ultra-rich investors with the help of BlackRock. In this way, a cycle has been created that has ensured a historically unprecedented redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top. This has been taken to extremes in 2020. Under the pretext of fighting a disease, almost the entire global economy was brought to a standstill. Subsequently, the largest sums ever were allocated by central banks as supposed bailout money, with the help of BlackRock, for the most part to large investors.

The collateral damage of this action: several hundred million people in developing countries have been deprived of their livelihoods, and the number of hungry people has increased by more than 130 million in 2020, according to UN figures. In addition, economic damage has been caused in the industrialized countries, the devastating consequences of which are yet to be seen. Already foreseeable are the collapse of many small and micro enterprises and the death of a large part of the middle class, mass layoffs in large companies, and an avalanche of credit defaults that will shake the banking system.

As a result of the various lockdowns, government budgets are running the largest deficits ever, so that mass layoffs in the public sector will have to occur and tax increases and drastic cuts in social spending will be unavoidable. To keep this doomed system alive anyway, all indications are that there will soon be an attempt to end the banking system in its present form and put credit creation exclusively in the hands of the central banks.

For all of us, this means that we must expect a drastic reduction in our standard of living and total control of all areas of life, including our finances. Not only that, but since all these changes are sure to meet with considerable social resistance, we must also expect those in charge to try to further restrict our democratic rights such as freedom of travel, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, which have already been curtailed in unprecedented ways this year.

The year that began last Friday will thus present us all with a historic alternative: It will either lock us definitively into a global prison dominated by the digital-financial complex, or we will rise up against this modern form of slavery to take up the fight for a self-determined life.

There is no third way.


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Picture source: Romolo Tavani / shutterstock


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