Rosamunde Pilcher and ” Western Values “

A commentary by Willy Wimmer.

Cornwall provided beautiful pictures. We know from Cornwall that the Sunday soap operas on ZDF have little or nothing to do with real life. Why should it be any different this time with the G7 meeting hosted by the British government and a large contingent of royals? It almost makes no sense to listen to NATO’s Stoltenberg’s public statements anymore. After his visit with U.S. President Joe Biden a few days ago, one had to be amazed. He really spoke in the run-up to the Cornwall meeting and the succession of satrap meetings in Brussels of “values” for which the West is standing.

Especially when dealing with other countries in the world that are called “authoritarian” according to the new NATO terminology. Now it was not the work of these other states that had prevented the West from professing its former values and pursuing a corresponding policy over the past decades. Western policy was so rotten in all areas, starting with the wars, that Western leaders and their supporters preferred to refrain from talking about “values”. Our representatives knew exactly when it no longer made sense to get down from the “dead horses”. They had already been ridden to death for a long time. Now they are being stuffed again and are being sold to the astonished global audience like the “emperor’s new clothes.”

It would indeed be a surprise if the German government would commit itself to strictly abide by its own constitution and the prohibition of war of aggression, not only in the matter of war. Or the entire West, which would strictly commit itself to making the United Nations Charter the yardstick of its actions and to orienting relations with all other states accordingly. The applicable rules of international law have reached the “highest level” of global challenge in this Charter after the last global war. Why continue to destroy as has become the Western standard since the Yugoslav war in 1999? This Cornwall G7 meeting has put the cards on the table. And it did so in several ways. When President Joe Biden landed in Pilcher country, the global and European aspects of the meeting became abruptly clear. President Joe Biden warned his British host not to get too carried away with Northern Ireland. It was precisely the combination of the “Good Friday Agreement” and EU membership for Ireland and Great Britain that had laid the groundwork for banishing civil war from Northern Ireland’s streets. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left no stone unturned since Brexit to confront the EU and Ireland with an almost insoluble question: Using a loophole of British goods for deliveries to the European common market or taking note of the realities in the British-occupied territory on the island of Ireland to avoid a war in the “Values West,” even if it is called a “civil war.” German diplomats who had to experience the horrific Balkan negotiations in the 1990s still talk about the perfidious way in which any peaceful settlement in the Balkans failed because the British had the situation between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in mind and believed they had to defend the cohesion of the United Kingdom in the Balkans. This will be, and indeed must be, the mantra of British policy now. This brings questions to Europe that one would rather not ask.

In addition, however, President Joe Biden leaves no doubt about his Irish origins. For Boris Johnson, this must be something like the appearance of the “incarnate”. Before Joe Biden is likely to have conquered China as U.S. president, it is more likely that he could go down in history, at least among the Irish, as the creator of Irish unity and the reunification of the separate parts on the island of Ireland. French President Macron, in his talks with Prime Minister Johnson on Northern Ireland and the post-Brexit complications, has made clear how he sees the British position. There is just a difference between the sausage that comes from Toulouse, Lyon or Bordeaux and is consumed in Paris and what goes from Belfast to London. The “Good Friday Agreement” says it all.

However, it wasn’t just the Northern Ireland question that hit Cornwall the moment “Airforce one” touched the ground of “Pilcher-land” with screeching tires. With a keen understanding of historical facts, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a few days before the commemoration of June 22, 1941, and thus the beginning of the war by the German Reich against the then Soviet Union, recalled the key element in the assertion of interests of the Anglo-Saxon world: the Atlantic Charter of the summer of 1941 – eighty years ago, in fact, as well as the war of the German Reich against the Soviet Union. One only had to close one’s eyes to see, against the background of current global developments, the discrepancy between this Atlantic Charter and the United Nations Charter or even the Charter of Paris of November 1990. It is not the UN Charter which, in the judgment of almost all peoples, is the standard and the means for prosperous cooperation.

The world is the base of operations for the core ideas of the “Atlantic Charter,” which is to ensure Anglo-Saxon dominance globally. Anyone who does not go along with this will either soon have to retire politically or can expect to be branded as an “authoritarian ruler” and to be eliminated sooner or later.


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Image source: Ilyas Tayfun Salci / shutterstock


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