Querdenken 711 Stuttgart – Press release to the demonstration in Leipzig on 7.11.2020


On November 7, 2020, the movementLeipzig / Querdenken 341, Mitteldeutschland steht auf und bewegt sich, Eltern stehen auf and Querdenken 711 from Stuttgart in Leipzig calls for a demonstration for our basic rights, for democracy and for human dignity.

13:00 PM Start: Augustusplatz (main stage), Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, Marktplatz, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Richard-Wagner-Platz, Dittrichring, Simsonplatz

16:00 PM Moving clockwise around the inner city ring

18:00 PM Final rally on the main stage (spacious sound system)

The emergency measures that have been in place for more than half a year to cope with the corona pandemic are causing great damage to broad sections of the population. We are experiencing unprecedented restrictions in private life, public life, the working world and even medical care and nursing.

We can read in a current position paper of the Kassenärztlichen Bundesvereinigung and the virologists Hendrik Streeck and Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit:


„We experience […] the failure […] to provide urgent medical treatment, serious side effects among children and adolescents due to social deprivation and disruptions in education and apprenticeship programs, the decline of entire economic sectors, many cultural institutions and an increasing social imbalance […].“

We will take to the streets on November 7th to give a voice to all members of society who suffer from the current policies. Our goal is to overcome social divisions and strengthen social cohesion in solidarity with all victims of the pandemic and the crisis.

The recent tightening of the lockdown measures by federal and state governments is leading to further losses and burdens that deserve attention and require assistance. We urge fair, targeted and sustainable initiatives to cushion the individual, social and economic losses of the crisis and prevent damage. An open, unbiased debate on the costs, benefits, proportionality and legality of the current corona policy is essential to this end. We insist on listening to and considering the concerns of all members of society.

Speakers include the retired pastor Christoph Wonneberger, who coordinated the Monday prayers for peace in the Nikolai Church, which led to the Monday demonstrations and the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, the entrepreneur and initiator of Querdenken Michael Ballweg, Nils Wehner from theBewegungLeipzig, and bus driver Thomas Brauner, who was dismissed after allowing children to ride along without mouth-nose-covering, the student Paul from Constance, the neurologist Margareta Griesz-Brisson, who was already on the streets during the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the specialist for internal medicine Gerlind Läger from Dresden as well as the former professional soccer player Thomas Berthold. Musical contributions will be provided by Missilia, Perin Dinekli, André Maris and Kilez More, who, together with Nana Domena, will moderate the event.

The motto of the demonstration is “the second peaceful (r)evolution – repeating history together”. Hereby we remind of the courage of the Monday demonstrators of 1989 to take to the streets peacefully and determinedly for humanity in spite of all adversities. With the slogan “Freedom through unity” we want to express that only together as a human family we can master the challenges of this time.

During the entire event, we ask you to observe the currently valid distance regulation of 1.50 meters. We also draw attention to the obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover. To achieve the desired protective effect, it is essential not to touch the MNB with unwashed hands and to exchange it for a clean one in case of contamination or after 2-4 hours at the latest. Persons who do not wear MNBs for health reasons are requested to bring appropriate proof of their identity and to show it to the police on request.

We also ask you not to use the demonstration as a platform for other purposes than those mentioned. We appeal to the personal responsibility of all participants.

We distance ourselves from fanaticism, hatred, violence and discrimination. We are humanistic and peaceful. In this historically unique crisis and beyond, it is crucial to meet each other in a spirit of friendship and to conduct difficult conversations with dignity and respect. This requires mindfulness, tolerance, self-discipline and compassion from all involved.

There are two press areas. In order to comply with the applicable rules of hygiene, the number of participants in the press area in front of the main stage is limited. Accreditation for this area, which is suitable for filming the program, can be applied for until November 4 at 18:00 PM. In the “Meet & Talk” area right next to the main stage, we invite representatives of the media to exchange ideas with speakers, artists, organizers and other media representatives. No prior accreditation is required here, but according to the rules of hygiene the capacity in this area is also limited. In order to give as many media as possible an opportunity for discussions and recordings, we limit the length of stay to 30 minutes in the case of a large crowd, whereby a renewed stay is possible depending on capacity utilization.

We are looking forward to meeting you!



Press contact: Christian stollen, chris@generationmensch.org

Phone: +49 (0) 157 587 589 03


Thanks to Querdenken 711 for the right to publish the article.


Picture source: Querdenken 711


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