PRESS RELEASE Querdenken-711: YouTube channel of the citizens’ movement Querdenken-711″ deleted

Stuttgart/26.05.2021. In the night of 26.05.2021, the YouTube channel of Querdenken-711 was deleted on the basis of YouTube’s Terms of Service. The channel had more than 75,000 subscribers and a warning.

Querdenken-711 had successfully fought against the deletion of individual YouTube videos several times with legal support at the end of 2020. All lawsuits against YouTube regarding the arbitrary deletions have been successful to this date.

Extract from the press release:

Querdenken started as an extra-parliamentary movement and will remain so. We demand the lifting of all restrictions on our fundamental rights, the repeal of the Corona measures and the restoration of parliaments.

We are democrats. We are a peaceful movement in which extremism, violence, anti-Semitism and inhuman ideas have no place.




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