PRESS RELEASE: Political party dieBasis – Judgement from Weimar

Düsseldorf 12.04.2021 – No face masks, no minimum distances, no more rapid tests for the pupils of two schools in Weimar: This is the short version of the decision of the family court in Weimar of April 8, 2021. The federal board of the political party dieBasis North Rhine-Westphalia approves this verdict in the interest of the children and demands that the findings of the expert opinions be taken into account across the country.

Extract from the press release:


The federal board of the political party dieBasis North Rhine-Westphalia criticizes the planned amendment of the Infection Protection Act, which was presented by the parliamentary groups of the CDU/CSU and the SPD on April 9, 2021. This planned amendment to the “Enabling Act” no longer provides for a right of the federal states to have a say under §28 b and stipulates that from an incidence value of 100 PCR- positive tested persons per 100,000 inhabitants, the most far-reaching measures are automatically issued: Curfews, private and public contact restrictions, and the closure of schools and stores.




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