PRESS RELEASE of the citizens’ initiative WE ARE CONCERNED (WIR SIND BESORGT) – Citizens from Barnim

An active group of citizens from the Barnim (district in Brandenburg) disagrees with the current policy of the government regarding the issue of corona and the pandemic. We are citizens from the middle of society, we are not corona deniers, not covidiots, not admonishing wights.

However, we do not see the principle of proportionality being maintained.

We have a whole series of protest projects going on; one of these projects led to the attached call, “We Are Concerned.” (Wir sind besorgt) In the style of the situation in 1989 in the GDR, which many of us experienced personally and where we see one or two parallels today as far as the processes are concerned, we want to get the artists and cultural figures in our country to express their views on the current situation.

At the moment, we have the other signature lists “circling” around and are now trying to successively contact the individual artists. In the best case, one or the other will agree with our view and will join the protest, so that we will have a hundred points. But at least we want to ensure that the artists (who are usually also strongly affected by the announced Corona measures) position themselves.

Extract from the press release:

WE, a group of citizens from Barnim district, are concerned!!!

WE are self-employed, store owners, small business owners, teachers, civil engineers, hairdressers, bank employees, retirees, parents, grandparents ….

WE are people from the middle of our society!!!


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