Missing Link to James Risen (Pay Any Price) – KenFM-Interview with Dirk Pohlmann

The journalistic disclosure of the disappearing of ten billion dollars in cash, produced on behalf of the US government, printed by the Fed, delivered by the USAF to Iraq and funneled into dubious channels by the military government of the USA is one of the journalistic scoops James Risen explains to KenFM International reporter Dirk Pohlmann in this interview.

James Risen has worked as investigative reporter for two of the most important newspapers of the USA, the Los Angeles Times and later for the New York Times. Two times he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, the US print media equivalence to the Oscars. First time for his reporting about 911, second time for his coverage of the NSA´s domestic spying „stellar wind“ program, long before Edward Snowden, in 2006. His four books, mostly covering CIA actions became bestsellers in the USA and the last with even better results in Germany. His latest book „Pay Any Price – Greed, Power and Endless War“ made it to the Top Twenty in the USA and Top Ten in Germany´s bestseller lists.

Is anybody really surprised this man is legally/politically prosecuted in the USA, the self-declared „Land of the Free and Home of the Brave“? The US justice has proven itself as willing executioner sentencing whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange or Edward Snowden preferably to life in prison and ruining them forever. The scent of political propaganda trials surrounds the United Soviet Union of America latest since the president of lies and war George W. Bush came to power, but also the drone-killer-POTUS Barack Obama followed Bush on the track of military industrial complex compatible politics.

James Risen faces a court case since 2008. The US security state wants to force him to disclose one of his sources. Risen remains steadfast. The right to refuse to give evidence and protection of sources for journalists is taught as essential element for a democratic constitutional state at German universities, but does not exist in the USA. Fortunately the country has brave journalists like James Risen. Cudos to him!


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