Missing Link to Brandon Bryant – former US Air Force drone operator – KenFM-Interview with Dirk Pohlmann

Brandon Bryant is an American drone operator that is personally responsible for the death of 13 persons and was involved in the “targeted killing” of 1.626 people.

He was chosen for the job because he is highly intelligent and did extremely well on all American military evaluation exams. Brandon Bryant was a committed soldier however he is also a man with a deep interest in philosophy and a social conscience. With time, he was no longer able to reconcile these different beliefs.

Killing people on a computer monitor and being reduced to the role of executioner became increasingly more difficult for him and he developed post-traumatic stress syndrome.

After Brandon Bryant got trained for a special unit he stopped. At that time he often thought of suicide. He was only able to save himself by strictly following his conscience and refusing to follow the orders of his superior or the military.

In this interview with Dirk Pohlman Brandon Bryant is portrayed as a man of unusual clarity of thought, sharp intellect and personal integrity. Especially German viewers will notice the similarity to Claus Schenck Graf von Stauffenberg as well as Hans and Sophie Scholl.

Brandon Bryant – together with Snowdon, Binning, Ellsberg, Drake and Manning, belongs to a group of Americans, who would be able to restore our faith in a functional United States of America – if they were able to set the tone. At present they are all simply dissidents in fear for their lives and their freedom in a warmongering system.


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