Lockdown on Sylt. Corona is not God’s will

By Uli Gellermann.

Hastily, the woman pulls up her pants, extremely embarrassed to be seen by passers-by along a path in Westerland: “I’m really very sorry, but I couldn’t wait any longer.” There are only a few open public toilets left in the Sylt capital, but they are far away on the beach. The cafes, the hotels, the pubs and also their toilets are closed. The Corona regime is relentless against all kinds of needs.

Relentless train conductor

Relentless, too, the Deutsche Bahn train conductor on the trip to Sylt: “The third time,” he says during the mask check in the completely empty train coach on the way to the island, “the third time without nose-and-mouth covering, you have to get off.” He is visibly pleased: He can usually only demonstrate this much power with fare dodgers. That’s how many Germans are feeling at the moment: Usually they have to bow, but now they’re allowed to kick. Because the supposed infectious are still below him. The cheap power borrowed from Merkel makes the cold woman popular.

Short-time work at “Gosch”

Totally unpopular is the short-time work with the colleagues who are on short-time working at “Gosch”, the well-known fish roll dealer: “We only get 40 percent of the net income, the tips are gone, but the rent continues.” Resignedly, the two employees shrug their shoulders. “There’s nothing you can do about it.”

One third of the jobs in Schleswig-Holstein are threatened

The Sylt entrepreneurs demand a future: “Prominent restaurant owners, hotel operators, retailers and vacation landlords see the destination Sylt threatened” they write and know: “A third of the jobs in Schleswig-Holstein are acutely threatened.” A hotelier who does not want to be named: “I am as good as broke.” Why he doesn’t want to be named: ” Maybe there is still help from the state, you don’t want to be on a blacklist.”

No private meetings on the beach

“Please do not organize private gatherings on the beach” is written in the Sylt ‘Corona Knigge’ and further writes the Sylt Marketing GmbH “This is certainly anything but easy with the frequent beautiful sunsets.” In fact, in the middle of winter, in addition to snow and ice, there are also wonderful sunsets. But the massive panic propaganda has also reached the beaches: again and again, frightened tourists wear masks on the beach.

Mask is fuzzing

For tourists and locals, the “Biikebrennen” is cancelled this year: The traditional torch run with a large pyre is only available online. At least the market in Westerland has opened, of course only with distance and masks. The market stall owner gets upset: Eternally the fuzzing of the mask in the mouth! And you always have to breathe in the harmful carbon dioxide, they’re screwing us over. And if you don’t wear the mask, it costs at least 20 euros.

Mannequins in the luxury hotel

In the window of the Sylt luxury hotel “Miramar” elegantly dressed mannequins pretend to be sophisticated guests who are not allowed to come because of the ban on accommodation. In the window of “Gosch” one does not deceive: With for months raised chairs the enterprise documents the way into the bankruptcy.

From now on in the school mask obligation

The pizza bakery keeps its head above water with Pizza-To-Go. The customer in front of the door knows from her children that from now on masks have to be worn in school: “This applies to all pupils, regardless of age, and to all teachers,” the Minister of Education Karin Prien had announced. This upsets the mother: A mask all day, that’s just bad for the children, it’s not healthy.”

Cases of domestic violence in North Friesland

Corona confinement in the home can be even more unhealthy for women and children, the Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publisher knows in its local papers: “Cases of domestic violence in North Friesland are more blatant than usual. Victims are stuck in the domestic environment.” Stuck: a new word for lockdown.

“Sylter Tafel.”

Sylt is not just the millionaire resort of Kampen. Sylt also knows ordinary poverty. “It has grown drastically” says the founder of the “Sylter Tafel” Dörte Lindner-Schmidt. At the Tafel, the poor are helped with food donations, but above all by being noticed and not denied: In the past, employees and guests sat together over coffee and cake before each food distribution. Today, even in the cold and rain, people have to wait in line outside. The number of guests has increased significantly during the Corona era: Quite a few Sylt residents have lost their jobs due to the lockdown.

Is Corona God’s will?

The pastor of the Danish minority on Sylt is worried about his community: “Many are becoming lonely,” he says. Since Christmas, there have been no more services in his church. Even if the mass comes to the house via TV, even if he conducts his pastoral care by mail and over the phone: “People long for company.” When asked if Corona is wanted by God, he answers categorically, “No!”

The word waterboarding hovers in the air

On the return trip, a Merkel clone in a Deutsche Bahn uniform passes by and catches the drinker with the mask under his chin: “Drink, then put on the mask, drink, then put on the mask!” The word waterboarding hovers in the air. Could this therapy help Merkel?


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


This article first appeared on the blog Rationalgalerie on January 24, 2021.


Image source: K I Photography / shutterstock


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