Let us wash off the dirt from our souls

By Dirk C. Fleck.

The US-American environmental activist and author Derrick Jensen (“Endgame”) points it out:
„It would be a mistake to think this culture clearcuts only forests. It clearcuts our psyche as well. It would be a mistake to think it dams only rivers. We ourselves are dammed (and damned) by it as well. It would be a mistake to think it creates dead zones only in the ocean. It creates dead zones in our hearts and minds. It would be a mistake to think it fragments only our habitat. We, too, are fragmented, split off, shredded, rent, torn.“

Let us wash away the dirt we have accumulated in this silenced society. Let us always remember that we are only guests here, that there are millions of parallel worlds on this globe, both in the animal and plant world. And that each of these worlds lives in its own emotional universe and is equipped with its very own communication system.

Let us develop respect for our fellow inhabitants on earth. Let us open our hearts to the mystery of creation, which we are allowed to witness for a short time and of which the operators of the soulless killer system have not the slightest idea. Let us not waste our energies in a hopeless fight against them, in which violence seems to be the only option. That way we will never win. Let’s work on ourselves, be important to ourselves, individually, and see if we can pull the people in our immediate environment out of their unconsciousness. Make them familiar with sensitive, compassionate people. This is the only chance to change society fundamentally. It is the only possibility we have.

This insight seems to be gradually establishing itself among more and more people. One of the most impressive appeals for a corresponding change in consciousness was formulated by the French writer, farmer and environmentalist Piere Rabhi. His “Manifesto for Earth and Humanism” pleads for an uprising of conscience, which is beginning to stir in many of us in the face of the shameful treatment of creation that global civil society is cultivating under the heel of corporations exclusively interested in profit.

The thread of life will probably tear, because in this society words like solidarity, compassion and civil courage have lost their meaning, which most of us no longer even feel as a loss. If this does cause a feeling of loss for some of us, sooner or later these courageous candidates will end up in the world of the outcast, where a daily cocktail of pain of horror, loneliness and deep sorrow is prescribed.

Hard to bear. Quite a few of them return to the Matrix, where they once again remain in ignorance as deserving invalids of life. Together with the billionfold flock of – how I put it – the manipulated, the misguided. This step back is fatal because it ignores the fact that we are in a period of change beyond anything the world has ever experienced. A Chinese proverb could serve as a signpost for the desperate:

„When the wind of change blows, some build protective walls and others build windmills.“


  1. Derrick Jensen (2006, 552 cited in Tim Jenson 2011)


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Image source: VladKK / shutterstock


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