KenFM am Set: 30.08.20 – Berlin police use violence against peaceful citizens

Unfortunately the sound track failed! Very annoying, but it can’ t be changed anymore. The pictures speak for themselves!

The friendly policeman gave the friendly recommendation when returning the press card to our employee:

…and please, take care of yourself…

Why, from whom? In front of the peaceful people present at the Großer Stern or in front of the massive presence of the police.

At the Great Star, at the Victory Column, on the corner of the Straße des 17. Juni , the traffic circle around the Victory Column, is closed off. No access is possible. The people stand stunned at the barriers and helplessly watch the scene at the orphaned Querdenken stage from the day before. A large crowd gathers at the access road Altonaer Straße. The police are trying to break up the crowd.

The Berlin police properly implement the instructions of the Senate, his sign Senator of the Interior Geisel and Mayor Müller, both from the old Labour Party SPD.

No discussions, friendly admonitions corresponded to simple threats.

In the end, dull violence against the citizens!

It is shocking that the Berlin Senate, we are talking about the newly acclaimed future red-red-green government variant, has chosen this path for itself.

Yesterday, as today. Not a good day for democracy in Germany!

Berlin, you are so wonderful? This weekend, Berlin proved to be less attractive than ever from the official political side.

Poor and sexy? No, poor and brutal against citizens and tourists. Disgraceful!


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