K.O. for peace. Macron against Trump

By Uli Gellermann.

What a bad theater: Trump makes the clumsy junk, Macron gives the subtle, only yesterday the German media were tightly Atlantic, meanwhile one wears sometimes a chic EU costume, the haute couture of fake democracy, as if the European Union were a real alternative to issuing orders in Washington. And right at the front, at the stage ramp, Annegret KK plays the beep charge from the candidate show: “We are in close exchange,” she claimed after talking to her US colleague Mark Esper. It was about replacing the “Tornados” of the German Air Force. And it’s about whether the EU fighter bomber should be replaced by the “Eurofighters” built by France and Germany or rather by US aircraft of the type “Growler”, a flying murder machine manufactured in the USA.

What comes across in the German media performance as the new staging of Odysseus’ wanderings between Scylla and Charybdis, as an antique tragedy between loyalty (USA) and temptation (France), is in reality the usual dance around the golden armor calf: because the 963 billion dollars of NATO armor expenditures are in reality the tempting center of political dislocations. The German-French Airbus corporation was supposed to supply the successor to the “Tornados” with the “Eurofighter”, the “Growler” is manufactured by Boing in the USA, and since America is always supposed to be “first”, the real estate shark at the head of the USA throws himself into the fight for the billions and the German media pretend to be theatre critics and not the pimps of the arms industry.

The most important task of the new fighter plane, according to the definition of the USA, is the transport of the B61 nuclear bombs stationed in Germany. The Boing aircraft is ideal for this, while the Eurofighter lacks the necessary “certification”. If the BILD newspaper were to write openly about this background, the headline would be: Eurofighter without the double zero to kill. Because the German-French machine still lacks a license for nuclear mass murder. But of course no German medium writes or broadcasts so openly about this. Instead they report about show fights in the style of freestyle catcher, so hypocritical.

In fact, in the 1960s there was an emphasis on French independence with Charles De Gaulle, the general at the head of France, which culminated in a possible alliance with Russia: “If France and Russia hold together, then they are strong; but if they separate, then one country as well as the other is threatened.” To understand this, Atlantism in its shabby guise of internationality would have to give way to discernment of national interests. But this view is obscured by the traditional Russophobia of German foreign policy, which is strongly supported by NATO. NATO Vice Commander General Sir Adrian Bradshaw talks of an “existential threat” by Russia.

The fight between Macron and Trump for hegemony in Germany is the fight of different factions of the military-industrial complex. It would be politically wise if this small gap between the interests were exploited in favour of greater German freedom of movement. But the Kramp-Karenbauer’s of this world can only think of yesterday’s snow: “Macron wants to replace Nato. We want to strengthen it”. But right now there would be a little room for an independent foreign policy, if one had the courage to establish at least a neutral relationship with the Russians. So in the struggle for national independence there is only one knockout for peace.


Picture source: Frederic Legrand – COMEO/shutterstock


This article was published on 02 December 2019 on the Rationalgalerie blog.


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