Hong Kong – Pure Western Insanity

A point of view by Peter König

The impunity with which the USA is attacking Hong Kong is crazy. At the same time or even more insane is the coverage in the Western media of what is going on in Hong Kong. Not a word about how the incredible “pro-democracy” vote came about in the rather unimportant district council elections. Of the 18 county councils, 452 out of 479 seats (71%) went to “pro-democracy” candidates.

Such an extreme anti-Peking vote could only be achieved by massive Western propaganda at a cost of millions of dollars, aligned with algorithms developed according to the principles of Cambridge Analytica, which (apparently) no longer exists today. And this was the case with 70% of eligible voters going to the polls.

None of this virtually unrealistic result has been analysed and reported by the West. In reality, the vast majority of Hong Kong’s are sick and tired of Western-inspired violence, but very proud to be Chinese citizens. They were told by the propagandists that the choice of candidates for “democracy” was the way to peace. And peace is what everyone wants. After all, integrated into China in 1997, they enjoyed much more freedom than in British colonialism, where they were not even allowed to vote for their district councils.

The absurdity does not stop here. The US Congress recently passed a law that would allow the US to monitor “democracy” and human rights in Hong Kong, the so-called Human Rights and Democracy Act, with the reservation that sanctions would be imposed if Beijing violated the rules imposed by the US. Can you imagine that? Can anyone imagine this all-encompassing arrogance?

The US Congress is passing laws to control another foreign territory? And the West goes with it. It may also soon happen in Europe that the USA prescribes what sovereign nations are allowed to do and what not. It has already happened.

The USA forbids Europe who they want to do business with – i.e. Iran, if not, they will be punished. No comments. It is only the new normal. In Hong Kong’s case, Beijing protested, calling the US ambassador twice to discuss the matter – without success.

It becomes even more ridiculous. Madame Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, has published an article in the Saturday edition of the South China Morning Post calling for a comprehensive, independent and impartial investigation into police behaviour in relation to confidence-building protests. The statement in itself already takes sides, as it does not in any way address the externally inspired violence of demonstrators using, for example, a university campus to build Molotov bombs and other incendiary devices.

The Chinese government immediately rebuked the article in which it accused Ms Bachelet of fomenting further “radical violence”.

In a Sunday statement, Chen Yaou, spokesman for China’s permanent mission to the United Nations, launched a devastating attack on Michelle Bachelet’s so-called “bad article”. Chen stressed that China “strongly opposed” Bachelet’s article, saying she had interfered in China’s internal affairs and would only encourage demonstrators to use more radical force. Mr Chen added:

“In fact, the protesters seek to create chaos in the Hong Kong SAR, paralyse the Hong Kong SAR government and seize the administrative power of the Hong Kong SAR with the aim of rendering the ‘one country, two systems’ principle defunct”.

Cheng also said his government fully supports Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Despite the overwhelming pro-democracy vote on 24 November 2019, protests continue. Thousands took to the streets on Saturday afternoon and gathered in front of the United States Consulate in the middle to “express their gratitude” for passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

They waved US flags, sang the Star-Spangled banner and asked for more support. They pledge not to let go until all their demands are met.

Essentially, they want complete independence from Beijing and become a US colony. They should look at Puerto Rico, what it means to be a US colony, what Washington has in stock for its colonies. Or take a closer look at their own history, they should look at their British colonial history – and remember their state of oppression, the almost zero rights they had then.

What does all this mean for Hong Kong? At the time of the handover of the United Kingdom to China in 1997, Hong Kong contributed around 18% of China’s GDP. Even before the protests started some six months ago, it had fallen to just 3%. In recent months Hong Kong’s economic performance has continued to decline as major financial institutions seek stability and leave Hong Kong for safer locations, Singapore, and even Shanghai, which is rapidly becoming the financial centre of the East.

The real purpose of Hong Kong’s 50-year special status negotiated by the United Kingdom (and the United States) with Beijing was to keep alive this unregulated eastern financial paradise for the often illegal and tax evadable financial transactions of Western oligarchs, of which Western – British and US – bankers and financiers were the main beneficiaries and profiteers. These US-inspired violent protests are intended to destabilize the Beijing government – which is of course a flute game – when in reality it is slowly committing suicide. Washington and London deactivate Hong Kong’s west-serving money laundering capacity.

And if the level of intolerant crime and violence against the majority of HK citizens by this externally inspired and funded disruption of the SAR really matters, Beijing could put an end to it in less than 24 hours. So simple. The West could only gawk, but say nothing, because it has the full right of Beijing, the right to restore law and order in its territories.

Well, let us look again at the arrogance of the United States in passing laws to control a foreign territory. Could anyone imagine the logical opposite? China is passing laws to prohibit any foreign interference in its territory with the threat of sanctions. These could include complete import bans on certain U.S. goods, such as agricultural products, or stopping major exports to the U.S. (iPhones, computers, other U.S. products manufactured in China), banning certain U.S. citizens from entering China – or, God forbid, building a military base in Venezuela and/or Mexico; Mexico is the newest Latin American country to be harassed by the U.S. for the left-wing government.

Only when equals face equals can perhaps, only perhaps, a harmonious and peaceful coexistence be achieved. This applies politically as well as economically – and in the economy China is the unspoken leader with a strong and stable currency supported by its economic performance and by gold, compared to a whole not only US but Western economy based on Fiat money.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


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