Division of Germany | By Uli Gellermann

Campact divides as well.

By Uli Gellermann.

Actually and essentially the country is divided into UPPER and LOWER, POOR and RICH, SUBJECTS and RULERS. But a new division ideologically overlaps the actual one: The division into infectious and immune, dangerous and endangered, fighters against the virus death and fighters for a living society.

The division extends into families, into friendships: “I would like to come, but only if we keep our distance”. A sentence that makes the new distances clear. Or also: “The children are not coming”. Yet another person who fell for the lie about the particularly virulent children. As if it were healthy to divide families. Anyone who enters public transport with a mask on which the word MAULKORB is written can quickly recognize friend and enemy: There are those who turn away in indignation and those in whose eyes you can see the wink: “I’m not stupid, I know what the mask is for!” The opinion mask is still allowed. But complete freedom from the mask costs for example in Berlin up to 500 Euro fine. The people leaving of Hartz IV really can’t afford that.

Good flight small virus

Who knows that the coronavirus on migration is 0.16 micrometers small and the pore of the normal mask is 0.3 micrometers large? Scientists like Professor Bhakdi. And who must not know: The normal people, because the mass media withhold this discrepancy as much as possible. Have a good flight little virus. Mrs. Merkel, who does not wear a mask except on protocol photos, has ordered the mask to be worn indefinitely. A picture of a strike action makes the political dimension of the alleged health measures radically clear: the picketers keep a minimum distance. One strike brother could be the enemy of the other’s health. Nice gaps for wage pushers who have long since been brought in from the East and then dumped at the gates of the meat industry. Everything legal, the dirty wages, the dirty accommodation, only the illegal virus should have been intercepted at the border. The new division is great for the TOP. Distracts them from the class division. But so that under the ashes of the class struggle only the spark of solidarity is emitted, there are the ideology machines. They claim that those who oppose the Corona regime are “right wing”. It works: that’s how you divide the opposition.

CAMPACT also likes to remain silent

The former democracy platform CAMPACT was and still is at the forefront of the slander and lie machines used to divide the opposition. Its executive board, Dr. Felix Kolb, had recently warned against participating in demonstrations for basic rights with the usual verbal slander. Many of his former supporters thought this was wrong and canceled the membership of CAMPACT. The platform not only makes itself important, it is also a source of money: before CAMPACT’s anti-fundamental rights campaign, it had 60,000 paying supporters and in 2018 had a turnover of more than ten million Euros. The slanderer Kolb now complains that this flow of money is currently stopping: “Around 1,000 supporters* ended their financial support”. After the mail of lies. But Kolb does not get wise by the damage, he continues his agitation campaign against the fundamental rights defenders: “The central figures of the hygiene protests (are) a mixture of right-wing extremists, Reich Citizens and conspiracy theorists. As a source he cites the pro-government West Berlin Tagesspiegel, which also has no proof, but at least only writes of an infiltration, while Dr. Kolb already sticks the brown label on “central figures”. And because Kolb doesn’t want to deal with the topics of the fundamental rights movement or the fakes of the Corona regime, he flees to the USA: “The situation in the USA shows what bad things happen when the virus is played down and protective measures are relaxed too soon.” Low, low, low: the movement has not played down the virus, but has warned of the dangers to German democracy. And the further away the virus is, the better opinions about it can be spread; neither the government nor the mass media want a serious, scientifically based debate, CAMPACT is happy to remain silent on this issue.

Second wave of the virus already announced

Even now, governance has become easier under the Corona regime: The parliamentary opposition has largely withdrawn, the government media are even more pro-government than before, and the unified opinion is marching. There is a good chance that society will continue to form. Although the “second wave” of the virus has already been announced, there is a grumbling among the population, the ruling class cannot be sure whether the second time it will work out as well as the first. This is already being prevented by the division of society: whoever sees his health enemy in his neighbor, his neighbour, his colleague, his relative, will hardly be able to pull himself together for joint action. In order to cement this lack of solidarity, the instruments of mass citizenship must be refined and, above all, enforced everywhere. In this respect, the muzzle, which must definitely be carried further, is an essential instrument for isolation and discipline.


SIERA has formulated a new text based on the melody of Reinhard Mey’s song “Über den Wolken”:


“Behind the masks –

stupidity must be boundless –

(Chorus: or is it fear, fear, fear?)

all fears, all worries, they say

are hidden behind it, oh, man…

And then, what seems completely insane

Suddenly void and small.”

A video with this new song is in progress.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


This article first appeared on 09.07.2020 at Rationalgalerie.de


Image source: Noyna Nanoy / shutterstock


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