Cyber Polygon 2021

By Ernst Wolff.

The world is currently undergoing a historic process of transformation. Under the pretext of trying to contain the spread of a disease, freedoms and democratic rights are being restricted and structures of a police state established on an unprecedented scale.

The governments of all the countries of the world – whether dictatorships or parliamentary democracies – are proving to be the henchmen of a power stronger than anything the world has ever seen.

At the top of this power are the largest IT corporations of our time: Google parent Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, SpaceX, Netflix and Facebook. They are joined by the big banks of Wall Street and the world’s leading asset managers like BlackRock and Vanguard. They all control the two main lifelines of modern industrial society: the flow of data and the flow of money.

This digital-financial complex is supported by central banks, global financial organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, numerous Think Tanks, international bodies such as the Group of Thirty, the Bilderberg meeting and various foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, WEF.

This WEF plays a special role in the current transformation process, because it is from its ranks that the strategy that is currently being implemented worldwide clearly originates. The founder of the WEF, the German economics professor Klaus Schwab, has formulated this strategy unequivocally in a book entitled “Covid 19 – The Great Reset”.

According to Schwab, the global fight against the virus creates a rare and temporary, but favorable opportunity for a complete reboot of our world. Schwab also makes clear what this world should look like: It is about the completion of the public-private partnership, that is, the merging of large corporations with state structures.

Schwab’s goal, and thus that of the WEF, is thus nothing other than the realization of Benito Mussolini’s lifelong dream, the establishment of authoritarian corporatism, a variety of fascism. The seriousness of the WEF and its founder is shown not only by the fact that this plan is currently being advanced at a frightening pace, but also by the fact that it has been simulated before and acted out in many details – namely in Event 201.

This simulation took place in New York in October 2019 and was organized by the WEF in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The primary focus was on how to use a global health crisis to create a public-private partnership. Since the scenario played out anticipated the actual developments of the following months in an almost prophetic manner, it is of the utmost importance to focus international attention on another event scheduled by the WEF, namely Cyber Polygon 2021, scheduled for July 9, 2021.

This will be a technical training exercise for a global cyber attack, involving high-level representatives of international organizations and leading companies. The official goal of the event is to ensure the security of digital data traffic that exploded in the wake of the Corona crisis. This year, for example, the event will simulate a fictional cyberattack in which participants from dozens of countries respond to a targeted attack on a company’s supply chain in real time.

Anyone who has been following the WEF’s publications and policies has an inkling that something very different is actually being prepared here. Just as Event 201 was never about the health of the world’s population, but about exploiting a health crisis for the benefit of the digital-financial complex, Cyber Polygon 2021 will certainly not be about the security of individual companies, but about exploiting a cyber attack for the benefit of the new global superpower.

Klaus Schwab’s statement that the most important task of the conference is to establish trust in the existing system can also mean nothing other than that one wants to use such a cyber attack as an opportunity to consolidate the increase in power gained during the Corona crisis, namely by looking for ways to monitor, control and censor the flow of data even better.

It’s certainly no coincidence that Cyber Polygon 2021 is set for this summer, either, as we’ve been witnessing for some time now how the narrative of the ultra-dangerous virus is becoming less and less tenable by the day due to the arrival of the warm season. As more and more people begin to realize that they have been deceived by the powerful of this world, the latter must react by silencing, above all, the spokesmen of their critics.

This is precisely the process of increasingly strict censorship of alternative and system-critical voices that we have been witnessing for some time now, and it is safe to say that it will not be a company’s supply chain that will be the focus of Cyber Polygon 2021 participants, but the tightening of global censorship.


Image source: Illus_man / shutterstock


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