Crowdfunding service PATREON cancels cooperation with KenFM

Crowdfunding service PATREON cancels cooperation with KenFM.

The public campaigns against us are increasing and showing effect. The most recent consequence is that the crowdfunding service PATREON closed our account on Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, without warning and using a very diffuse justification.

KenFM depends on the support of its users. Without your help and financial support, we can no longer do our journalistic work. With PATREON, we and you have been deprived of another possibility to finance our media portal. In this case, too, we are considering legal action, which we will take if necessary.

We need you, we need your support!

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Our Bitcoin address is: 18FpEnH1Dh83GXXGpRNqSoW5TL1z1PZgZK

We appreciate your support. It is an incentive for us to continue to tirelessly advocate for independent media and free reporting.

Free media is the immune system for a democracy. Please share our content and recommend us to others.


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