Create panic and rule! | By Ernst Wolff

By Ernst Wolff.

“I want you to panic.”

This is the advice Greta Thunberg, the icon of the Fridays for Future movement, gave to her audience at several performances in 2019. Not a very helpful suggestion, because those who panic lose control over their actions, are no longer accessible for rational arguments and can therefore be easily manipulated. One should not reproach a minor without any life experience for such a statement. However, since Greta Thunberg is in the public eye, she should at least have been put in her place and made aware of the problems of her statement.

Instead, however, politics, business and the media have done exactly the opposite: international organizations such as the United Nations have provided her with a worldwide stage, leading figures from politics and business such as Chancellor Merkel and Klaus Schwab of the WEF and even the Pope have granted her audiences, and the media around the globe have spread her message to the farthest corners of the earth. Anyone who wonders why these forces, in such intimate unity, have used a child to recommend to the world a dangerous aberration of human behavior has received the answer this year: Never before in the entire history of mankind has panic been used as a means of power by the rulers as unrestrainedly as in 2020.

Why? Because the collapse of the existing monetary system and the global breakthrough of artificial intelligence, which is costing hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide, are being used for a gigantic redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top, which would not be possible under normal conditions. And because those who are pushing and profiting from this agenda have chosen this year to pick a disease in order to eliminate all resistance by fomenting panic.

They proceeded step by step: First, they have put the public into a kind of state of shock by reporting ever worse horror stories. Then they banned millions of people from practicing their professions, forced them into domestic isolation to a large extent, and then subjected them to an unprecedented bombardment of half-truths and misinformation. Unfortunately, they have been so successful in doing so with a large part of the world’s population that they have been able to drastically restrict their civil liberties afterwards.

This, in turn, is putting more and more pressure on many who have seen through the game and are rebelling against the official lies, and is causing the first of them to resign. They ask themselves why one should continue to try to convince people that they are being lied to and cheated when rational arguments are no longer accessible. A quotation from Abraham Lincoln is recommended to these skeptics: “You can deceive a part of the population all the time and the whole population a part of the time. But you cannot deceive the whole population all the time.”

This is also true of the panic-mongering of our time, because it works mainly because it has so far been coupled with a cushioning of the economic consequences, so that the myth that the rulers are concerned about our well-being could be maintained. After all, there are short-time work benefits, loss of earnings payments for small and medium-sized businesses and the repeal of the bankruptcy law. But this phase of the crisis will come to an end in the weeks ahead. We will soon see several hundred thousand company collapses, an unprecedented explosion of unemployment, the destruction of millions of livelihoods and huge upheavals in the financial sector. The coincidence of these factors will trigger a political and social earthquake of historic dimensions and finally tear the veil of do-gooderism from the political sphere.

The realization of having been deceived and cheated under the pretext of caring will tear many of those who are now in a panic mode from their previous attitude and make it clear to them that it is not a virus that threatens life on this planet, but a tiny ultra-powerful minority that, with the help of politicians, journalists and scientists in bondage, wants to seize complete control and lead humanity into the darkness of a digital-financial fascism.

But this in return means nothing else except the fact that the struggles have not even begun properly and the real conflicts are still lying ahead of us.


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