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in our series “Courageous People” (Mutige Menschen) we would like to introduce you to people who, despite their good social standing, had the courage to go public with government and mainstream critical statements. We are aware that we can only present a selection of these courageous people in this series and our great thanks therefore go at this point to ALL courageous people who selflessly stand for peace, freedom and democracy! You are the heroes of our time!

Our “courageous person” #03 is Prof. Dr. Michael Esfeld, Professor of Philosophy of science at the University of Lausanne and member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.

In an interview with BILD on February 14, 2021, Prof. Esfeld raises serious accusations against the German government – and the Leopoldina itself. The government is “currently consulting mainly those scientists who are willing to say what the government wants to hear,” says Michael Esfeld. This is “massively damaging the reputation of science” and leads to “a populist backlash against science as a whole.”

The professor of philosophy of science is also very critical of the Leopoldina’s statement of December 8, 2020, in particular, which called for a hard lockdown, which was also directly implemented by politicians. Esfeld said:


“The Leopoldina statement of December 8 was a very clear example of political misuse of science. But also of how scientists let themselves be seduced by power and throw all scientific standards and any responsibility overboard.”

At this point we would also like to refer to the briefing “Science and Enlightenment in the Corona Crisis” by Prof. Esfeld, which was published already in December 2020.

We thank Michael Esfeld from the bottom of our hearts for the very friendly and encouraging exchange as well as for his courageous stand for truth and truthfulness in the scientific field!

Peaceful greetings

Hardy and the team of Mutigmacher e.V.




This text first appeared on 16.02.21 on the pages of Mutigmacher e.V.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Image source: Mutigmacher e.V


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