Corona Inquiry Committee is coming

By Uli Gellermann.

Parliament remains silent, extra-parliamentary opposition is working

Since the beginning of 2020, Germany has in fact been governed by the Infection Protection Act. A law of inferior quality, not far from the regulation. The Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany is the snow prior to Corona. The German parliament is practicing a permanent united front: where once people liked to talk and argue, they are now silent. The government’s corona measures, especially the lockdown, have caused massive social, psychological, health, cultural and economic damage: Millions more unemployed and short-time workers, companies in bankruptcy, excess mortality among isolated old people are the results of an alleged health policy.

Many fundamental rights restricted

Corona damage includes a large number of postponed operations and doctor’s visits that were not carried out due to fear, increased suicides, a large increase in child abuse, traumatization and anxiety-induced social behavior. Many basic rights have been and continue to be restricted on the basis of hastily enforced legal changes, and the new law in force empowers the federal and state governments to restrict civil rights if necessary even after the end of this pandemic. The democratic processes have been shortened and suspended.

Where the Bundestag remains silent, the non-parliamentary opposition is moving.

While freedom of assembly, trade and opinion have been restricted or suspended, the Bundestag and especially its opposition is silent. Before the Corona regime, political measures of this magnitude required a parliamentary committee of inquiry. But where the Bundestag remains silent, the extra-parliamentary opposition is stirred: An extra-parliamentary committee (Corona Committee Foundation) was formed around the lawyers Viviane Fischer and Dr. Reiner Füllmich, and another committee (ACU 2020) was formed around Bodo Schiffmann and Heiko Schöning. Around 2000 doctors, therapists, nurses and people from other professions demand more transparency, humanity and connection – instead of distancing themselves.

The mainstream media remain silent

As is actually usual in a democracy, the question of responsibility and those responsible should be asked. But where parliamentary opposition and the media have asked this question, the mainstream media have been silent: the traditional public debate no longer exists. The country is overshadowed by a strange refusal to engage in discourse. It is precisely this refusal that the initiatives for a committee of inquiry want to break through. They have called together a large number of experts from the medical, judicial and nursing professions to investigate details of the Corona regime in order to examine all measures for their suitability and compatibility with the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. In a conversation with the RATIONAL GALLERY, one of the initiators, Viviane Fischer, declared that the committee wants to make all its findings available to the public immediately. The lawyer and mother of two small children had already addressed a petition to the federal government in March 2020: The government should conduct a baseline study to finally obtain reliable data on the spread and aggressiveness of COVID-19.

“Ärzte Für Aufklärung“ in Hamburg

The “Ärzte Für Aufklärung” have already taken to the streets in Hamburg for the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. In his speech, Dr. Marc Fiddike turned against compulsory vaccinations and declared the protective masks to be harmful to health. He called out to the assembled people: “We want to wake up soon in a democracy again!” In their appeal, the doctors wrote: “We criticize the current measures as excessive. We demand a transparent processing of the figures from those responsible. Autopsies as proof of actual COVID-19 deaths are urgently needed throughout Germany.”

Talks between extra-parliamentary movement and extra-parliamentary investigation committees

The fact that the German media are effectively following the same rules has so far prevented a serious public discussion in which alternative opinions were also given a voice. It must therefore be assumed that the results of the extra-parliamentary committees of inquiry will also not reach the public, or only to a very limited extent. For this reason, too, it is time that the movement that has been using demonstrations for weeks and months to highlight the damage caused by the Corona regime and to bring the committees together to make the findings of the alternative experts heard. The first talks between extra-parliamentary movement and extra-parliamentary committees of inquiry have begun.

The time has come to help parliament to fight for the right of the people and to rip the protective mask off the government’s face.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Image source: Prilutskiy / shutterstock


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