Corona: Dictatorship, No thanks!

Social distancing, contact restriction and prohibition, could be necessary until at least 2024 according to the current US Corona study. This is the time for resistance.

By Christiane Borowy.

A few days ago a nationwide decision was made that there will be hardly any change in the initial restrictions. Although individual politicians are trying to raise their profile by discussing the extent of the alleged loosening, this should not hide the fact that something is happening that has so far been seen exclusively as the main feature of totalitarian systems: the destruction of social structures.

Totalitarian systems have always drawn their strength from the destruction of the social system

On the Chancellor’s website you can read in black and white about the most recent decisions of the Federal Government and the federal countries (4). The website states regarding the restrictions on public life as follows:


„The most important measure also in the coming time remains to keep a distance“.

Violations of these contact restrictions would be sanctioned by the Department of Order. In order to make this more successful and to ensure that it is known with whom one has had contact, when and how, digital tracking will be made easier. “contact tracing” has become the magic word of this total surveillance.

The majority of the media do not criticize this development. On the contrary, by referring to so-called experts and studies, they point out in a supportive manner how urgently this violent encroachment on the right of freedom is allegedly needed. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, for example, writes (16.04.2020) about the cancellation of big music festivals, Chancellor Merkel is quoted with her assumed track record of the measures, namely an achieved non-overstretching of the health system, but is by no means criticized. This is not surprising, because an actual performance report, which would demonstrably justify the tough and anti-democratic measures, cannot be provided. After all, it’s not all that bad, these heavy metal festivals are only of interest to a small section of the population anyway, so we can do without them, can’t we? After all, this is all for our own good. Maybe. Or maybe not.

At a favorable time in the German media there is a reference to an American study, according to which the strategy of restricting or banning contact is to be maintained in the long term, preferably until 2024. Among other things, it states:

„Longitudinal serological studies are urgently needed to determine the extent and duration of immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Even in the event of apparent elimination, SARS-CoV-2 surveillance should be maintained since a resurgence in contagion could be possible as late 2024.“

This is where something comes into play that the sociologist and social psychologist Harald Welzer already called for in his book (…) published in 2013: Thinking for yourself. (6). Who did the study? Who paid for it? How is it that this study, which is based on computer simulations and calculations, is accepted as scientifically reliable? What are the consequences for a society that considers itself democratic if a restriction on contacts is implemented over a period of many years?

First of all, social relationships are destroyed and that is what is currently happening. Here. With us. Do we agree to this? Freely? If your answer is yes, the self-thinking and resistance to it could start right here. What are you possibly afraid of?

Fearful people are traceable.
One could also ask: Are you consciously being made to fear something? In a Skype conversation I had on 13.04.2020 with Rüdiger Lenz (Nichtkampf-Prinzip) and the journalist Paula P’Cay, we addressed this question, among others. In my opinion, it is true that people are being deliberately frightened at the moment, because “Fearful people can be controlled. Anxious people are predictable, because either they freeze, they flee, or they attack. “(7, minute 1:19).

This can be used by the power and money elite who want to maintain their status, because fearful people do not resist, but wait for the fearful situation to pass by. Angry and fearful people are not angry with the one who imposes the contact restrictions, but with the one who does not comply with them and attack the person at least verbally. The large part of the population freezes and does nothing. This again is also intentional. Rüdiger Lenz explains the context as follows: “I believe that the state has to produce problems so that society remains in a problematic attitude. They must not end up in solution-oriented self-determination, because the self-determined person does not simply listen and wait for orders. He is not interested in exit restrictions, but he goes to Berlin and asks ‘What kind of orders are these?” (8, from minute 1:00:41).

Use resistance to counteract

This brings us to an important point of resistance.

The 12 rules for successful resistance, which Welzer presents in his “Instructions for Resistance”, could be set against the regulations of the Corona crisis:


“Everything could be different…
It depends entirely on you whether something changes.
So take yourself seriously.
Stop agreeing to things.
If you don’t agree, resist.
You have plenty of room for maneuver.
Increase your room for maneuver where you are and have influence.
Make alliances.
Be prepared for setbacks, especially those that come from yourself.
You have no responsibility for the world.
What your resistance looks like depends on your possibilities.
And based on you enjoy”.

It makes absolutely no difference whether there are exit restrictions and thus a blatant attack on the social structure. It will probably not be over any time soon. There will be no one to judge it for us, take the necessary decisions and give us freedom. This is a task we must undertake independently.

If we miss the opportunity to resist today, we will wake up in a dictatorship tomorrow.


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Image source: kandl / shutterstock


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