CoKi Survey on Mouth and Nose Covering (Mask)

On the weekend of 19.10.2020, the RKI published recommendations for corona prevention in schools, which also includes compulsory wearing of masks in elementary school lessons when infection rates rise to >50/100,000/7d.

In view of this development, the scientists Dr. med. Silke Schwarz and Prof. Dr. med. David Martin of the University of Witten/Herdecke have launched a participatory research project for parents, educators and doctors, which we would like to draw attention to and encourage participation.

The two scientists are planning a study on the effect of different masks on children when worn for hours on pCO2, transcutaneously and in the mask, catecholamine production, respiratory and heart rate.

A randomized cross-over study is planned in which half of the children examined wear the mask in class on Tuesday and the other half of the children examined wear the mask on Thursday. In this way, the researchers can also cancel out the day effect and make intra- and interindividual comparisons. The ethics application has already been submitted.

The two scientists are investigating the current situation neutrally and will publish the results peer rewieved. According to their own statements, they are not opponents of masks and do not belong to any political group.

Further information about the Mit-Mach-Forschungsprojekt can be found here:

The research is not financed by any public funds. Your Donation helps to start the study as soon as possible! For a donation of 50 Euro or more, you will receive a donation receipt from the University of Witten/Herdecke if you give your address and the keyword: CoKi Masken.

Here are the bank information:

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG Bochum

IBAN: EN76 4306 0967 0000 3535 00


Image source: Halfpoint / shutterstock


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