By Dirk C. Fleck.

We live in a time in which the media society weighs the word war in its hands like a kohlrabi at the vegetable market, in which denunciation is made presentable and the muzzle is elevated to an accessoire. The energy reserves for those who stayed awake in our narcotised civil society are almost empty. Now it is important not to lose our minds in the face of the global drift of a financial and political elite that has lost its mind.

It is therefore urgently necessary that we free ourselves from the narratives that originate in politics, that we tell our own stories again. After all, there is still a life outside of political intrigue that threatens to poison our souls more and more. 
There is no need for further information or education about the huge pile of manure that the greed-driven system constantly produces – we have known for centuries the laws by which a system that despises human beings and the environment.

Let’s forget the stupid game of the “powerful”, let’s stay with ourselves, it’s worth it. It is the only thing still worthwhile. Especially when we are there for each other in love. The soulless killers and psychopaths from business and politics have not the slightest idea of this. Let us not waste our energies in a hopeless fight against them, in which violence seems to be the only option. In this way we will never win.

Let us work on ourselves, be important to ourselves, each one for himself, and let us see how we are able to help the people in our immediate environment to be freed from their unconsciousness. Let us make them familiar with sensitive, compassionate people. This is the only chance to change society from the bottom up. We do not have any other chance.


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Picture source: isabel engelmann / shutterstock


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