Bye Bye YouTube

By Mathias Bröckers

Great relief for the friends of the system-compliant discourse, total disinfection and all the ” Corona Witnesses”, lots of champagne for the presstitutes of the corporate media, Nato press offices and consensus factories and real party atmosphere among their compatible followers in the “social media”: The alternative thorn in the flesh of the German media landscape has disappeared, the most successful crowd-funded media portal in the German-speaking world is no longer on YouTube, KenFM has made all videos invisible. Although the 2,500 interviews, reports, features and commentaries KenFM has produced for 8 years are still accessible via and other channels.

For the more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube however there is at present only one explanation of Ken Jebsen, why he is fed up of the youtube censorship just as much as of the “Cancel culture”, which makes it ever more difficult to rent studios or halls. And why he and his team are leaving Berlin and going into exile, to the countryside, where a studio and a “campus” are to be built and where analogue communication can take place again.

The current trigger for this step was the second “strike” on YouTube – the deletion of a KenFM interview with lawyer Markus Haintz, who was arrested at the Querdenken demonstration on October 25th – combined with a one-week ban from uploading further videos. As well as the threat that the third time a fundamental shutdown of the channel will occur. The usual procedure for preventing copyright violations, pornographic content and other legal infringements on YouTube – with the difference, of course, that this is completely flawless material in terms of press law, which does not fall under any dubious “Hate Speach” or “Fake News” regulations, but was blocked solely on the basis of its content. To speak of censorship is certainly justified, even if it is not a governmental measure, but Alphabet/Google/Youtube as a private company can decide for itself what takes place on its platforms and what does not. In Germany, on the other hand, censorship is still not taking place, of course, thanks to the outsourcing of public information to international media monopolies.

I was indirectly not entirely innocent when it comes to the smear campaign against Ken Jebsen – launched by the notorious informer Henryk Broder – which led to his departure from the public broadcasting service rbb. In the summer of 2011 my book on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 was published and Ken Jebsen wanted to do an interview for his show “KenFM” about it. I didn’t know him any more than I knew this format, which had cult status in the Berlin area, and I was surprised that he came up with a whole catalog of questions, because radio presenters often didn’t notice the blurb. But he had not only read the whole book, but also asked real and important questions. I then assumed that only three or five of the 90 minutes of our conversation would go online, as often happens on such programs. I dropped off my stool when every word was transmitted uncut and only interrupted by music throughout three hours. Wow! At my old “home station”, where I had given up in 2001 because my commentary on Mohamed Ata’s suitcase and the ridiculous elephant tracks of 9/11 was not possible, did the new journalistic freedom break out? Unfortunately not, because Ken Jebsen was under fire from then on – nobody breaks the 9/11 taboo with impunity.

When KenFM, after his departure, very quickly succeeded on the net and loudly sided with the peace movement in the course of the Ukrainian crisis, the accusations (“anti-Semitic, neurechts”, “open to the right”) continued to gain momentum, although no examples of this could be found in the channel’s program. To get to the bottom of this contradiction I had a long conversation with him, which was published as a book in 2016: “Der Fall Ken Jebsen oder Wie der Journalismus im Netz seine Unabhängigkeit zurückgewinnen kann”.

Since then, KenFM has not only convincingly demonstrated that journalistic independence from GEZ officials and corporate bosses is feasible via crowdfunding – the discussions and roundtable discussions were also of the same quality as public channels in terms of content and technical quality. Admittedly, they could not run there, because KenFM took the liberty of press freedom, not being state-supported, not bootlicking, not being consensual, and the editor-in-chief took the liberty of carrying his anti-militarist, anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberalist heart on his tongue.

Because the man is an unparalleled fast speaker, it was inevitable that he would offend many, especially since he does not accept the (already fictitious) line between journalism and activism. But the current case makes it very clear that true journalistic independence in the future also means freeing oneself from the gatekeepers of “social media” – from corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter & Co. And because even an apparently secure server somewhere in the world is no guarantee for an editorial office that its news will be distributed, digital pioneer Ken Jebsen is now visioning a step back in the discussion: to the analog, to a campus where people can talk and broadcast in peace. I can understand that, because I know of hardly any other journalist who has been more badly defamed than he has – and no one who has dealt with it with such confidence.

Meanwhile, another colleague has fallen victim to the hidden censorship that former Ambassador Craig Murray, who was an observer and recorder of the Assange hearings, has now criticized again for the suppression of Hunter Biden’s emails. Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald – once the man of choice as an independent journalist for Edward Snowden – was unable to publish an article about Hunter and Joe Biden’s suspicions of corruption on “The Intercept”, a portal he founded himself (and financed by eBay founder Omidyar) and has resigned. And what Craig Murray says does not bode well for the future: “Ten years ago I would not have considered it a danger that the Internet would become a method of political control instead of political freedom. Now I fear that it is too late to avert the danger”.

Recently my brother, who worked in the 90’s in a large advertising agency, was surprised about the term “Querdenker”, which had meanwhile become an insult: At that time we looked for Querdenker all the time! People you thought differently. The fact that now already a journalistic interview with the lawyer of a Querdenken demonstration becomes a case for censorship clearly shows, how far the totalitarian conformity mania thrived in the meantime.

And thanks to Corona as fire accelerator for a “Great Reset”, as it was thought up by Klaus Schwab and the Davos elite, this kind of reorganization in the media business is taking place largely without contradiction and also for liberals and leftists, who otherwise so gladly talk about “diverse” and praise “variety” and “freedom”, it stops with Querdenken.

Why Querdenker such as Ken Jebsen does not have to be surprised – to look beyond the plate edge of Angela Merkel and Dr.Drosten is now just as forbidden as after 9/11 doubts about the cave fairy tale of Osama and the 19 carpet knives. And who in the USA can’t decide between Donald Putin-Hitler and the semi-demented but only savior Sleepy Joe – and wants to report about the valid suspicion of corruption against him, like journalist Greenwald – has simply had bad luck. Of course, there is still no censorship, but be careful: Anyone who upholds a constitutional law during demonstrations makes himself suspicious and can be arrested – as a Querdenker.

Mathias Bröckers most recently published “Don’t Kill The Messenger – Freedom for Julian Assange” by Westendverlag. He blogs on




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