Bye, bye England. When crocodiles cry…

By Uli Gellermann.

It was touching: tears in the eyes were shown by the pictures published on the British withdrawal from the EU. And the German mainstream media cried heavily: “United in Tears” was what the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote, and the FOCUS also saw a “farewell with tears”. Although the romantic self-deception may have brought real tears to the eyes of some members of the European Parliament, we know that crocodiles actually cry when they eat their victims. Because the animals hiss and puff so hard when they eat, air is forced so strongly through their nasal cavities emptying their tear lacrimal glands. And anyone who knows the banking complex of the City of London, the center of neo-liberal cruelty and profit-gluttony, knows where the crocodiles lurk.

What kind of country is leaving the EU? It is the country in which a journalist has been imprisoned, a man who is tortured in prison and for whom neither the Brexiteers nor the Remainers have lifted a finger. A country that, in the interests of the United States, which is desperate to muzzle the journalist Julian Assange and tramples on every conceivable right: freedom of the press, the right to free speech, the absolute ban on torture. Great Britain supported the eastward enlargement, which has made the EU politically more divided than ever, and the paranoid Russophobia of Poland and the Baltic States, which is forcing other European countries into a dangerous conflict with Russia, contrary to their own interests. Britain was a US pole in the flesh of Western Europeans.

The campaign to keep the British in the EU was a powerful demonstration of the imperial spirit that possesses the so-called “unity of Europeans”: EUROPE was always mentioned when the EU should have been discussed. Because of course the European continent is still much bigger than the European Union, which greedily knocked its teeth into every other country increasing its market, its inequality and its anti-social tax policy. A monster that knows no democratic constitution, only an insatiable bureaucracy. Twice a draft for an EU constitution should have been voted on: In the Netherlands and in France. When the constitution failed in both countries, the European Council, the body of the heads of state and government of the European Union, hatched the “Treaty of Lisbon”, which had to be approved by the EU Parliament, bypassing the people. A treaty which extends the regulations on EU military operations from the Treaty of Nice and thus develops the economic alliance into a defence alliance.

Almost all members of the EU are also members of NATO: the crocodile has teeth. In the attempt to enlarge the EU to include Ukraine, at the latest, even the morons should have realized what institution the European Union really is: a child of US imperialism, which almost started a war of the West against Russia all around Ukraine. Only the most sensible, like Katja Kipping, leader of the party DIE LINKE, commented the Brexit in one sentence: “That Britain leaves the European Union is a black day for the European idea”. The “European idea”? The EU structure, commanded by a transnational capitalist bureaucracy, is as European as a hamburger vegetarian.

It would be time to leave the society of crocodiles, abandon the failed European Union and strive for a cooperation of sovereign democracies, free from the clutches of the USA and its NATO. A community in which the peoples have the say and not speech machines like Ursula von der Leyen. A community that wants to live in peace with Russia and makes social peace its program by reducing economic disparities between states. A community whose constitution is democratically legitimized by referendums and in which the right to political strike is enshrined. To give the crocodiles reason to cry.


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Picture reference: ComposedPix/ shutterstock


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