Baerbock or Laschet: should that be the question?

A commentary by Willy Wimmer.

It is not the first time that fundamental questions are raised in elections to the German Bundestag. In many cases, so-called “camps” fought against each other to either adjust or change the coordinate system that holds the republic together. This took place with a powerful roar, the confrontations were not only prepared over months. They were prepared intellectually as well. On election day, voters knew where they stood with the camp they favored or opposed.

This time, however, everything seems to come along smoothly and there is not the slightest talk of intellectual preparation. In Germany, people are once again on the right side and are by no means “fighting for the best of the city”. This path has been prepared over decades. Its beginning can be located where the war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was contrary to international law, began: in the spring of 1999. In order to be able to lead a war of aggression despite the prohibition in the German Constitution, to be able to lead exactly this war within the alliance of NATO against a member country of the United Nations, the Federal Government at that time Schröder, Scharping, Fischer reached into the cornucopia of suitable lies.

Never before have so few lied to so many with the effect of a war as happened at that time. At that time, the coordinate system of the German press tipped over. Instead of upholding freedom of opinion and diversity of opinion for the honor of the constitution, the journalistic reaper took over. Under the leadership of the so-called “Leitmedien,” critical voices were excluded and later destroyed on behalf of the alliance. The transatlantic networks could hardly save themselves from a flood of support. After all, since the spring of 1933 at the latest, people have been aware of the opportunities offered by the “March casualties” (März-Gefallenen). Today, a common phrase has been adopted when it comes to decisions relevant to security policy: “Can the German Bundestag decide, or must the Atlantic Bridge do it itself?”.

When the CDU/CSU Chancellor in September 2015, after the appropriate preparation by an Austrian working for a non-governmental organization, made her lonely as well as singular decision to place the German state borders without protection, one was trained in pushing through this decision following the example of the spring of 1999 and the war in Yugoslavia. The entire parliament cowered and found nothing wrong with it, despite decades of detailed knowledge about migration movements. The German chancellor single-handedly levered the substance of our state; she placed the state borders without protection, eliminated core elements of the constitutional order.She encroached on the substance of the German people as defined by the internationally binding criteria of constitutional law that apply to Germany.

The peak of political irresponsibility was demonstrated in connection with the Corona pandemic causing fatal consequences by the Federal Government under the leadership of the Chancellor. Since the beginning of the last decade, phenomena such as the Corona pandemic have been publicly reported to the knowledge of the Federal Government and the German Bundestag, and resolutions have also been passed on these reports in Parliament. The helplessness of the Federal Government at the beginning of the pandemic around the turn of the year 2019/2020 was proverbial, and to this day the German people learn nothing about the causes of this pandemic.

These aspects are virtually on the table before the upcoming federal election. Voters in Germany have sufficient criteria at hand for their respective election decisions. And yet there is an unusual phenomenon, to be seen in the two leading candidates for the Bundestag elections. Ms. Baerbock and the Green Party are currently skidding, but the tailwind has been carrying since Ms. Baerbock’s nomination weeks ago. Of course this would take place, if Mrs. Baerbock with her “Hintersassen” would separate herself in such a way from Mrs. Dr. Angela Merkel with her sixteen years of chancellorship, so that the reckoning with the present aforementioned topics, could finally take place.

Far from that, for a long time the citizen in Germany has had the impression that the factual and past the rule of law qualitative changes of Germany made by Chancellor Merkel will be brought to completion by Mrs. Baerbock. The survey forces that are supposed to present this image to the public have long been waiting for their turn. At the next party conference of the Greens, the aim is to displace “Germany” as the goal of political efforts for the whole country, from the texts concerning the party and, if possible, from consciousness.

BBC reported some time ago about Germany. As one could read at that time: “Germany perish” and this extended over the roofs of several big media companies. Whoever does not want this completion of Merkel’s policy by the Greens is virtually forced to deal with the candidacy Dr. Laschet – and indeed this is a balancing act. On the one hand, he stands for the policies of a party that has “done” the aforementioned to our country. On the other hand, he has not personally appeared as a ” divider of the nation.” The statements of Mrs. Baerbock in the direction of Moscow make it clear that she is willing to go the way of absolute confrontation in the interest of others against Russia. Since Joschka Fischer, war has been “in good hands” among the Greens. An attitude of this kind cannot be observed in the case of Mr. Laschet.

If you look closely, you can see the factual and personnel starting points for Laschet and his team to readjust Germany and its constitutional order. Germany must emancipate itself from Merkel. With Baerbock, Merkel will be completed to Germany’s detriment. But Laschet could be the correction that is due.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


Image source: photocosmos1 / shutterstock


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