A matter of trust: Surely those up there won’t deliberately destroy society? | Hermann Ploppa

By Hermann Ploppa.

Of course.

When the German government declared a national emergency last spring because of the Corona pandemic coming from China and called for increased precautions against infections, my wife and I also immediately bought Sagrotan. We washed our hands more often than usual. We wiped door handles and similar objects touched by many people more often than usual. It goes without saying that as a loyal citizen one first takes such a danger announcement seriously and implements it accordingly in one’s own life.

However, the restrictions became more and more comprehensive and the justifications for these restrictions on freedom more and more outrageous. At some point, it was no longer possible for the logical mind to endure what the federal government and its subordinate state leaders were telling us as explanations. And it was not easy for us to part with our basic fundamental trust in the reasonableness of the political caste. Even if we thought that much of what these politicians had been telling us for years was fundamentally wrong, we categorically ruled out the possibility of this system destroying itself with a passion. But in the meantime, one is speechless when one has to watch the daily auction of destructive rage. Lauterbach, Söder and now Ramelow are calling out to us, feverishly: do you want total lockdown? Do you want it, if necessary, even more radically, even more against zero, than we could imagine so far? Do the above-mentioned disciples of the real existing sect of destructionism follow the great chairman Pol Pot, who deported the citizens of Cambodia from the cities and had all those wearing glasses liquidated as supposed intellectuals?

It is difficult to take all this for real and then to respond to the still continuing exponential acceleration of the destruction fantasies among our elites. And when the mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, who never misses an opportunity to be noticed beyond the region, says something sensible, the apparatchiks of his Green Party immediately decide to excommunicate Palmer from the political machine. Palmer’s offense: he has said that enough is enough with the forced closure of retail stores. That the retail sector is in a coma and that the inner cities will soon become deserted.

To believe that our elite has nothing less in mind than the destruction of small and medium-sized businesses is hard to believe. But from now almost a year of Corona mismanagement, no other conclusion can be drawn with the best will in the world. When the ragged, sickly Spanish conquistadors around Pizarro destroyed the indigenous advanced civilizations, one of the reasons was that the indigenous people had no real idea what the European robber barons actually wanted from them. And that the indigenous people could not imagine such a degree of lack of character and rapacity. The robber barons who are at our throats right now are draining the confidence of the governed in the reasonableness of those who govern. The American sociologist Robert Putnam coined the term social capital. The more citizens cooperate with each other and with the authorities and other institutions in a spirit of trust, the more effectively and cost-effectively a society functions. This has worked for us for many decades.

That the laboriously created social capital is being smashed right now with a completely deranged furor is hard for me to accept as true. They want to make money, don’t they? Apparently, however, that is not the case right now. How much more difficult is this painful awakening for righteous citizens who, as middle-class people, have made their contribution to social capital. They assume that their contribution to the success of social coexistence will also be honored by those in power. This is a shock effect: to realize that a barely visible elite intends nothing less than the destruction of the social middle class.

But: the clock is ticking. With each passing day, the chances of still saving in an orderly fashion the substance of our social architecture become slimmer. With every day, the modern robber barons have more of an advantage. With each passing day, more and more people in this society are getting into massive predicaments from which there can be no escape. Once the ship is capsized, and a hundred people swim to the lifeboats, which, however, can only accommodate twenty people, then there will only be hewing and stabbing.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder is already painting a militant opposition to the Corona regime on the wall in joyful anticipation, paying homage to Red Army Faction-style terrorism without prospects. With the present political blackening mechanism accordingly thus a “brown army fraction” (BAF). That would be very convenient for the robber barons. This must be prevented. Let us please finally take the real existing destructionism seriously as a deadly danger and act accordingly. That means: Let’s act peacefully and absolutely socially intelligent. Let us network. Let’s keep it with the Town Musicians of Bremen: You will always find something better than death!

But start NOW!


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


Image source: Gabriel Resende / shutterstock


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