80,000 dead from corona vaccination

One expert assumes that 80,000 people will die in Germany and 4 million others will be affected by a compulsory corona vaccination.

By Jens Bernert.

Professor Dr. Stefan Hockertz is an immunologist and toxicologist. In an interview, he critically comments on the corona mass vaccination apparently planned by the German government and describes it as intentional bodily injury (1, 2). Hockertz also points out, as do numerous other experts, that this mRNA corona vaccination is a genetic engineering intervention that modifies the human genome (3).

The video of the interview with Professor Hockertz has been deleted from YouTube, as have so many critical videos about the Corona measures. However, it can be accessed at the video hoster Bitchute (1).

Click for original video.

Towards the end of the interview Hockertz talks about the concrete effects of a corona mass vaccination on the population in Germany – over 80 million people. Here is the corresponding excerpt:


“Under no circumstances should these carrier systems pose a danger to people – I deliberately do not say ‘for the patient’, because it is not the patient, it is the healthy person who receives it – must not pose a danger to humans.

We now know from our deliberations that a vaccine which has not been tested according to the state-of-the-art – as we say – and which has therefore not been tested over a period of 5-8 years and in particular has been properly tested preclinically – i.e. before the clinic – (that) we must expect to suffer from vaccination damage. We have to expect that, already due to the impurities – I don’t even want to talk about the extent to which DNA or RNA can cause cancer here. These are long-term effects. I would like to talk about the short-term effects. How, for example, these impurities can cause vaccination damage to approximately 5% of the population or 5% of the people who are vaccinated. And this is a figure that I did not make up, but reflects a realistic estimate, which we know from statistical areas, of how often side effects can occur. 5% now seems low and ‘vaccination damage’ means that there may be an overreaction of the immune system, the so-called cytokine storm, that there may be false reactions, cross-reactivities, whatever.

But if we now bear in mind that 80 million vaccinations are to be carried out within a very short time. That the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Mr Spahn, has ordered 80 million vaccine doses – a vaccine that has not yet been approved. And we only have 5% vaccine damage. Then that makes – and I hope that the audience can count – 4 million people with vaccine damage. That’s 4 million times bodily harm. That is 4 million times knowing that a vaccine has not been properly tested after three months of deliberate bodily harm. That is a criminal offense.

If we can now also assume, and accept that these 4 million people who have been deliberately injured by the vaccine are likely to die, if we make an extrapolation of 0.1%, then we have to reckon with the fact that if the Federal Ministry of the Interior decides to do so, then we will have to consider the fact that the number of deaths will be around 0.1%, To force vaccinate 83 million people through the emergency laws – and that is what is being discussed – means that if only 0.1% of them die from this vaccination, and this is quite realistic, even with a vaccine that has been tested better than just three months in pre-clinics, then we will have 80. 000 deaths. (…)

80000 deaths is the extermination of a city like Constance. Or Bamberg. And here I must say: If I do this in the knowledge that such a vaccine is badly tested, miserably approved and I accept to wipe out a small town like Constance or Bamberg, then there is not a single reason in this world for me to justify this. Certainly not a pandemic of national proportions proclaimed out of fear and panic, which we no longer have. After all, we shall have 600 or 800 infected people, who are not even sick, but infected. And for that I’m prepared to accept the destruction of a city like Constance. I am very interested in the arguments of the BMI, the Robert Koch Institute and the Paul Ehrlich Institute.“

Vaccine businessman Bill Gates, according to his own statements in a television interview, estimated “only” 700,000 victims – ‘side effects’ – worldwide due to a corona mass vaccination (4). According to Gates, the costs for compensation should be borne by the individual states – i.e. ultimately by the population itself – and not by the vaccine industry.


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Image source: Shutterstock / Vikentiy Elizarov


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